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Related post: Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 22:22:41 -0500 From: Herb Cat Subject: The Remarkable Baby FranklinCopyright 2006 virgins 16 years xxx Herb Cat. Do not reproduce or distribute this story without the author's permission.Please 15 years kids sex note: this story depicts sex between male adults. If this offends you or is illegal to publish in your jurisdiction, or you are under the age of 18, read no further.The characters, locations and incidents in this story sex porno in 16-year-old are fictional. Any resemblance to actual events or locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.As an author, I welcome feedback on my writing. Please send russian 16 year porn any comments about this story, positive or negative, to Thank you.-----The Remarkable Baby FranklinIt was Spring in 2285 when Franklin was conceived. Pierce and Carter had often talked about having a son. They porno twelve years old had been living together for seven years, married for four. 16 years cock They sexe teen 16 years were both making decent incomes now and had just moved into a three hundred year old cape in a quiet neighborhood with a reportedly nude teens 16 years good school system. As a carpenter, Carter enjoyed restoring this old house, where they would start their new family. As he worked he kept thinking of the happy childhood he spent in his boyhood home with his own two dads.It wasn't that he and Pierce felt 13 year old blonde any void in their life, but the more they discussed it, the more convinced they were it was 10 12 year nudes time to start a family. They often young xxx years baby-sat Pierce's nephew, and they had just completed the counseling sessions the government required for the parent license. They understood the responsibilities and potential problems. So they made the appointment with the conception clinic.It had been over 150 years since the primitive practice of sexual conception had been outlawed. Oh, sure, there were still 19 years old porn pockets of resistance; isolated cults teen porn 10-16 years that insisted on practicing what they called "natural baby-making." But Pierce and Carter were glad the mainstream culture had progressed beyond this awkward free porno 12 years and frequently dangerous method. Pierce, a history professor, was more familiar with ancient folk culture and once tried to explain it to Carter, who found it hard to believe that only a few hundred years before his own ancestors used such practices."Well, the ritual 5 year old pussy had to be performed between a man and a woman.""What? That's crazy! You mean only 14 year teen photos hetero couples could have kids?""Well, gay men and ******** could adopt kids, sexy teens 15 years of course, and sixteen year old pussies there were so-called sperm foto schoolgirl 15 years banks where ******** could buy donated jizz. There were other methods that courageous pioneers experimented with, but they 12 year nude girls all still involved both pussy girls 16 years sexes in the process. The man's jizz had free 16 years blowjob to combine with the woman's egg, to produce offspring. Usually this was accomplished by him amateur 16 years old fucking her pussy.""Uggh! Please spare me the details, Pierce.""Not only that, but the woman 12 years boys porno kept the baby in her womb for nine months.""Barbaric! So when did the human race become civilized?""Well, of course, once scientists understood DNA codes and the way genetic information was passed on from one generation to the next, they realized that sexual intercourse didn't have to be upskirts 16 year old part of the process. Simply create the DNA with the new code and implant it in the nucleus of a cell. Then let it develop in a carefully controlled environment. Really quite straightforward.""But, porn under 15years free fuck, all that's ancient history. After yong 12year sex foto people knew all that, how come they still did the old ritual?""Yeah, society not only permitted the practice, they endorsed it. Even churches insisted that babies must be created that way, even after more civilized techniques had been developed.""No shit, Pierce! 12 years old handjob They were acting like porn kid years girls wild animals!""Well, we have to forgive them I suppose. They didn't have conception clinics like we do today.""Thank 18 year porn God we do. I'm very excited about our appointment tomorrow. It's going to be so romantic when they take 14 years old hardcore our cheek scrapings, and the machine analyzes our DNA.""Yeah, and then the computer will combine the two codes in several 14 years nudes ways for us to choose from. We'll see pictures of potential combinations, different sons to choose from.""I want him to look just like you, Pierce.""He'll have the 14years nude pictures best features of us both, Carter. Not 8 years old nude just physical, but his personality as well. They'll give us the different profiles to study.""God, it's going to be tiny 16 year pussies so much fun choosing him.""Well, sex and 13years teen the main thing for me is that he's healthy.""Oh, I've read they've eliminated over 99% of any diseases. They can spot the 11 year old kid problem gene free tgp 16 year combinations, so I don't think we need to worry about that. Imagine the 12 year old porno anxiety our ancestors had to go through using that man-fuck-woman method.""Yeah, but look, here we are. sixteen year old nudes As 20 years photo nude archaic as it was, somehow, they produced two lines that resulted in you and me.""And then somehow we met.""And fell in love.""And now we're ready to have our son.""Come on, Carter, let's go to bed and fuck each other."-----Pierce and Carter spent two weeks going over their choices. All the computer-generated pictures were cute as could be, and the personality profiles were encouraging, but they didn't want to rush such an important decision. They toyed briefly with the idea of having twins, but that would have required a nude 10years girls special license and anyway, they weren't sure they were ready for more than one son 14-15 years girls porno right away. They finally decided on #AZ13, and Carter made the life-changing sex pictures 16years old call to the clinic."Now, you're certain that's your final choice.""Yes, we are. We've thought about it a long time. And prayed about it also.""Because we can't interrupt the process after it's begun.""Of course not! This is our son. We would 14 year old pics never 14years teens photos think of having an abortion.""OK, then girls 10 years naked 14 years sex child you must both sign 16 years old porno the form on the screen. We'll create 13year old porn the zygote this afternoon."Carter began non nude 16 years 12 13years child porno shaking. It was actually happening. He was 11 years girl porno about to become 15-year-old fisting a father. Pierce took the phone from him."When can we see him?""Well, there really isn't much to see for a couple weeks. Even under our microscope. But parents are always welcome to drop by the Incubation Facility any time throughout the 16years girl naked gestation. Our hours are 9 sex 14 years pussy to 5."And 15 years porno pictures so, every three or four days the two expectant dads made their way over to the 17 year old topless IF to check on the progress of little baby Franklin. In the third week, they saw his tiny heart form. In the fifth, his little arms and legs, as well as his charming face. In 14 year old erection the seventh, although still smaller than Pierce's proud nipple, the embryo 12 year old pics was beginning to react to stimulation.Things really got exciting after the third month. The baby's heart was beating away. 16-year-olds teens tgp He was growing fast, with so much body hair and skin wrinkles, that both Dads couldn't help laughing. porno girl 15 years They watched him kick and squirm, and put his thumb in his mouth, and joked what a great sucker foto sex 16 year he was already. They truly beamed when Frankin's little dick appeared, and laughed again when they saw it take a leak.Of course, the four grandfathers were thrilled when they got the news. Pierce's brother already had a son, but Carter was an only child, so for his fathers this was to be their first grandson."What will he look like?" Carter showed them the picture. "Hey, he'll look a lot like you, Jason! The guys will be falling all over him. He will be gay, right?""Well, Duh, for seven generations now, everyone in our family has 12year old horny been gay. You do the math, Dad.""Well, it does happen, you know."Jason put his arm around his husband's shoulder. "I don't even care if he'd turn out straight. It wouldn't be the end of the world. As long as he's healthy. That's what's most important.""I'm sorry my own two pops didn't girls 12 years nudes live to see this. Jason, you realize your dads yearfree images are going to be great-grandfathers!""Shit, you're right. Let's 14 year girl porn call `em!"Pierce and Carter were elated fathers throughout Franklin's gestation. They spoke to the tiny child, sang to him, felt his 13 15 year porno incubator when he kicked. teens years 14 seks As pussy 12 years old the third trimester started, they 12 year lollita sex excitedly anticipated his arrival into this world. Carter finished the baby's room, pretten 14 year old which was now kiddy sex 15 year fully outfitted with all the latest in nursery furnishings, including the mood year naked nude sensors, the electronic tutor, and the all-important robot that would constantly monitor Franklin's 18 years porn girl vital signs and alert his fathers to any irregularities. On the appointed 14 year russia nude day, they went to the clinic prepared to bring Franklin 16 year old sex home."Your son will soon be ready to leave the clinic.""Oh, Doc, we're so fuckin excited.""Yes," the doctor smiled. "As you can see, right now, the nurse 12 year sex naked is giving him a thorough examination.""There isn't any problem, is teens 16 years hardcore there, Doc?""Just standard procedure, before the baby leaves our facility. The nurse hardly ever encounters any problem, but we can't 17 years girl pussy be too careful, you know.""Doc, who do 15 year girls free you think nonude 13 year he resembles most, 18 years old gay Carter or me?""Oh, I make it a policy not to get in the porn young 16 years middle of . . . excuse me, the nurse has 13 years fuck young just called me.""Pierce, is the nurse frowning?""I think she is, Carter. Oh God, you think something is the matter with Franklin?""Shh, here they come.""Oh, Carter, look at him, he's perfect. 16 year-old pic pron What a beautiful face! Doesn't he have a beautiful face, nurse?""Well, yes.""And you counted all his fingers and toes?""Yes, I counted everything. Ten fingers, ten defloration first 15 year toes.""And his little dick?""Look for yourselves, it's perfectly formed.""Oh, thank God! For a minute there, we thought there was a 14year old teen pic problem.""Well, . . .""There isn't a problem, is Ten year old girl there, 12-years-old-sex-pics Doc?""Well, as a medical professional, I wouldn't label it a problem. It's just a, what shall I say, a distinction, a unique trait that sets your son apart from all the other boys."By now Pierce was trembling, and Carter was quickly losing his composure. "What 17 years old free-porn is it, Doc? Is it his heart?""Is he retarded?""Some incurable disease?""A deformity?""Is he, -- oh God, 14 year nudist please, no, -- is he straight?""Now, now, men, relax. It's none of those things. Look at him. You certainly don't see any 15years old nude girls deformity, do you? And all the tests indicate normal, if not superior, intelligence. And his orientation appears to be identical 15 years teen porn to your own. No, please sit 15 yearspussy non-nude 13 year old down, and let me explain your son's little anomaly. . . . "-----"Hold the door open, Pierce, and let me carry our son into his new home. I can't wait to show him free porn 15 years his own room.""Isn't he the handsomest baby you've ever seen?""Doc really had us worried nude 16 years girls there for minute or two.""Yeah, hehe. How could anyone think that was a problem?""It just makes him more beautiful, in my opinion.""Yep. That's russian porn 15 year how I see it. When he grows up, he'll have the guys competing for him. Just imagine, our son, our little Franklin, out beautiful boy, has two buttholes!""Yes, it's wonderful.""I think he's got your eyes, Carter.""And your nose, Pierce, and your delicate little hands.""And your talented mouth, Carter. And his dick reminds me of you, also.""But the greatest thing of years old girls porno all, is, he has both our assholes!!""He sure does!! He's perfect!!"
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